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The fasting Yogi- how stupid is the media!

The story of an Indian Yogi going without food or water is making headlines. First of all they all scream that this Yogi is living without food and water for the past 70 years. As if the reporter lived with the yogi for the last 70 years. How the hell do they know? It is impossible to verify this claim.

The DRDO and other good medical folks decided to put him on observation. He was monitored under the watchful eyes of the decorated medical establishment for 15 days. They then conclude it is a miracle. The DRDO want to hire this Yogi as a consultant to train soldiers fighting war in remote locations. Holy Cow!

All most the entire media is reporting the same story. No one is providing any details - , how did the yogi take bath ? Was someone watching him when he took bath? did they strip search the Yogi to see if he is hiding something under his dress ? Was he always facing the camera? etc.

I searched over 80 news links through Google. I discovered one thing. One reporter writes a story and rest of them cut and paste ! They do that "line for line", including the same quotes from the so called experts who claim that this man is making energy from some other source. Apparently he is doing photosynthesis!

Let me switch gears before coming back to the point. David Blaine is one my favorite magicians. All his magic stunts are in open public space ( not stage shows) with cameras watching him from 360 degrees. His book “A Mysterious Stranger" is truly awesome. It gives a brief history of magic and he also reveals some of the tricks of the trade. In his book, Blaine talks about a Yogi who lived in India during the colonial days. Apparently this man volunteered to be buried six foot below ground in a secured Coffin. They left his coffin underground for 6 months. When they finally dug the coffin up, they found the Yogi alive and well. Breathtaking isn't? . Can we teach solders to survive underground for six months as a part of combat training? David Blaine also explains how easy it is to pull this stunt. Several magicians have since repeated this stunt. When you read it you realize how gullible we are. I am not going to explain how the Yogi managed to stay buried for six months. . Read the book if you want. It is not that I am promoting his book. I simply want you stay wondering how this is possible. The same kind of reaction that you currently have with the fasting yogi!

Let us now switch back and look at the facts. The Yogi apparently lived without food and water for 15 days. That is as far as we can go with the analysis. As stated earlier we cannot verify his 70 year claim.

Going without food for 15 days is no big deal. Anyone with a will and nerve can do it. Mahatma Gandhi's fasting record is something like 21 days, more than this blessed Yogi. An Irish protester apparently lasted for 64 days (then he died) in a British prison. David Blaine did a stunt for 45 days in London sitting inside a Box.

Going without water for 15 days is a big deal. You are likely to severely dehydrate and die. Living without water for extended period is a Medical Impossibility.

We also see the medical establishment puzzled by the fact this man has not used the toilet during the 15 days. Here is a little tip for anyone who wants to control the bowel movement for extended period of time. It is a trick used by Yogis and Magicians ( as David Blaine explains in his book):

Fast for two days taking only clear fluids. (clear soup, juice, Pepsi etc, with no lumpy things or solids). The third day take a laxative (I recommend Dycolex). After you take this, sleep near the toilet for the next 8 hours. It will empty your bowel as hell as clear water! From now on take only fluids. You don't need to use the toilet for number 2! It is a standard magic protocol if you are going to do any stunts like this. it is standard prep exercise for practicing regurgitation ( swallowing a small object like Shiva Lingam and vomiting it back)
However the Yogi still need to urinate. The doctors claim that his bladder is re-absorbing the urine back in to his body. I am no doctor. I am an engineer by profession and I work with Water and Sewage. Here is a little tip to the learned doctors. The bladder is not re-absorbing the urine. He is peeing. Just how? He is taking bath regularly you morons!

After the yogi has taken bath, they could collect the bathed water. ( they need to divert the drained water in to a clean sump). It may be possible to test it for Urine ( like compare level of Urea, Ammonia, Nitrates etc in the collected water against the raw unpolluted water). If this is not possible another less dignified option is to ask one of the DRDO officers to watch him closely ( I mean closely!) when the Yogi is taking bath. Or we can strap some kind of tube to his thing and connect it to a bottle. Attach the bottle to his body so that if he is peeing it will fill up the bottle. To make it a bit more fun, let us attach a moisture sensor in the bottle  and linke it to an alarm!

If we are talking scientific experiments let us do the full works. Blessing from Goddess doesn't make it any different.

How is he getting the fluid intake? He is allowed to gargle and take bath! Go back to the list of questions I asked in my article. Who is monitoring what the yogi is doing in the bathroom ? He might be gulping Vodka martini! It is easy for the Yogi to replenish some fluids especially if it is mixed with glucose, minerals and vitamins. He might also be hiding some kind of energy pills similar to the ones used by Astronauts in his Dhoti and dropping it during his ritual bathing. It may be possible to survive for 15 days just by drinking water that he would get from his daily bath. He may also have some accomplish inside the testing team who may be slipping some drink or medicine. We really don't know.

The doctors’ report contradicts basic engineering. There is a thing called Water Balance. In any given system: Water inflow = Water outflow + storage. If the yogi has never sipped any thing in life then, his inflow =0. There cannot be any storage in his bladder. In other words the doctors shouldn’t find any urine in his bladder as there has been no inflow in to his body. It is a direct proof that he is Drinking some thing. The only alternative explanation is that he is making his own water from his alternative energy source. This is an engineering impossibility. Water is a natural raw ingredient, you can only covert it from one form to the other (e.g. sea water to surface water ) or from one state to other ( water to ice). We have no technology so far to produce water. We can only purify (alter the state) existing water found in earth.

Also if he is producing energy from alternative sources, all his digestive system, colon, intestine, kidneys, urinary tract, bladder etc are redundant. They should be bone dry without any fluid. There is rally no need for the yogi to have these parts. Shall we remove them and see if he will live?

The simple explaination  is : he is drinking fluids, we don’t know just how.

If the DRDO is interested in testing this seriously, then they should strip this guy naked and make him sit in a glass box and attach cameras all over him. He cannot take bath, neither allowed to gargle. At the most, we can permit giving him a sponge bath once a week. He should be observed for at least more than 3 months under this condition. And make sure there is an emergency response team on site, The yogi will go pale after a few days without water!

If we talk science let us talk proper science.

I am still not telling you how the Indian Yogi managed to stay buried under ground for 3 months. It is a miracle!

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